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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years, and organizations have to make sure that necessary preparatory steps were taken. Where to Begin?

European Union’s

Due on 25 May 2018

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years, and organizations have to make sure that necessary preparatory steps were taken.

The GDPR has a major impact on the organization's data protection policy, processes, management, and overall on how personal data is processed.

ASSEMENT: Where to Begin?

Four simple questions could help check your organization’s compliance with GDPR:

  1. What data on 'data subject' do wealready have?
  2. Where is this data stored?
  3. What is the flow of personal data in your organization?
  4. How is this personal data used and/or shared?

With the help of IT tools and products, OptiCom specialists will help you answer these important questions and design a turnkey solution to protect and control the flow of personal data within your organization. In cooperation with our legal partner, legal issues and business process audits are possible.

To find out more, we offer an individual seminar on GDPR led by our technical specialists, and includes participation of Data protection officer, legal partner and solution demonstration by technical engineer.

Please apply for an individual seminar via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 67331878.

To achieve GDPR compliance, we use following vendor solutions:

We are proud to announce that OptiCom has received Splunk Premier Partner status, which certifies OptiCom’s specialist professional skills to design and deploy qualitative and bespoke Splunk intelligent security solutions. OptiCom is Splunk’s partner in Latvia since 2014; Splunk offers industry leading intelligent security solutions – software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data.

An unprecedented wave of ransom-ware infections is hitting organizations in all industries around the world. Trend Micro has been tracking WannaCry since its emergence in the wild in April 2017. Trend Micro™ XGen™ security has been protecting users from this and other threats using techniques like behavioral analysis and high fidelity machine learning. Here’s what users and enterprises need to know about this widespread threat and what can be done to defend against it:


On 29/30 of September, 2017, in Jurmala (Baltic Beach Hotel), Latvian Networking School’s (LDS) 40th anniversary session will take place. This session we look forward to providing the answers to IT-related issues you have, share global technological updates, demonstrate technologies in action, invite your colleagues to share their successful IT project implementation experience, provide an opportunity to share the IT challenges and successful experience in an informal setting, participate in the discussion panel and learn other leading Latvian IT specialist professional opinions.


  • World’s hottest IT news in one bundle;
  • Stay in touch with IT peers and colleagues in formal and informal atmosphere;
  • Practical demonstrations of IT solutions and overview of testing results;
  • Independent IT expert and academic presentations;
  • Free private IT consulting during the event;
  • LDS "Training Camp" and the opportunity to participate in micro trainings;
  • LDS participants get a 10% discount for OptiCom Training Center training.

Learn more  >>


On May 26th/27th 2017, in Jurmala, “Baltic Beach Hotel” Latvian Networking School’s (LDS) 39th session has completed successfully, where 150 participants attended presentations and demonstrations of the leading IT solutions and LDS guests, and participated in professional trainings. 

An insight into participant feedback:

«Lieliski pārstāvētas visas IT šķautnes, turklāt dziļā un profesionālā veidā.»

«Вам удалось поднять планку по техническим сессиям!»

«Izcils pasākums, lai restartētu smadzenes un paskatītos uz problēmām no cita skatu punkta»

«saņemu visu nepieciešamu informāciju par interesējošam produktiem»

«Jaunas un interesantas lietas»

«Daudz kas bija paskaidrots un paradīts, tika iedoti visi nepieciešami papildus materiāli un kontakti» 

«Interesanti kā arī iepriekšējā reizi»

The forum is hosted for Latvian largest IT infrastructure (banks, government agencies, education, insurance, industry) representatives. LDS participants are provided with the opportunity to learn about major IT industry news and trends, which may lead to increase in IT and business process efficiency, reduce costs and increase security, as well as participate in discussions and share experiences, in just two days.

LDS’s next 40th session would take place in Jurmala on September 29th/30th, 2017. See you!

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